❝ Ah, that's right, I forgot. You're not the monster anymore, are you? I am. ❞

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laughs and then cries!!! i’m on vancouver island visiting my grandma atm, and vacation-ing takes a lot of work (especially since this is the first time since my grandfather’s death) so my absence will have to be extended. i’m very sorry about this!

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mark ruffalo is disappointing

you played bruce well in the avengers please don’t screw it up ple a se

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in mcu bruce is like, i hate the hulk and i hate me, i am a monster

in 616 bruce is significantly more … i want to say “comfortable” but that’s not really the right word. he’s just more in tune with the hulk and he can control the hulk and he UNDERSTANDS the hulk. he isn’t afraid of him, but bruce knows that the hulk is a terrifying thing to behold and is capable of a lot of things. like, y’know, sentience and reasoning.

and i dunno but mark ruffalo “hulk is just as afraid of bruce banner as bruce banner is afraid of the hulk” i’m

what. hulk is created to protect bruce. in the mcu also we can extrapolate that bruce had the same home life and issues because they haven’t even HINTED at anything different. hulk is a manifestation of all of bruce’s emotions and to say that hulk is afraid of bruce i??? there are arcs where bruce tries to kill hulk and YEAH THAT COULD BE TERRIYING BUT THIS IS MCU. NOT ANYTHING ELSE

why would hulk be afraid of bruce especially in the mcu

what are you even talking about what is going on mARK EXPLAIN THIS TO ME

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"I think there’s a whole relationship with Banner and Hulk that needs to be discovered… There’s a very cool thing happening: Hulk is as afraid of Banner as Banner is afraid of Hulk."

Mark Ruffalo on the relationship between Bruce and the Hulk


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Chris Evans being super cute while promoting his film Snowpiercer

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just another really long ‘au’s i really want’ post


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i want to do the fmk meme but i have to pack and i probably won’t be on for the rest of the night. sigh. good night, y’all.

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I don’t know. It seemed relevant.

… Okay.

Well. That colour would indicate it is extremely corrosive. Don’t touch it.

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No, I’ve read this like five times.

How’s your summer vacation going?

Oh, good!

Alright, I guess. I’m volunteering at the community college’s lab. What about you?

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