i’m sorry. i want to active on this blog, to live up to all the things that come with people putting me on their follow forever. ( ??? hello, new followers. ) but i’ve been feeling a bit stressed out and i have a math unit test and i’m still so tired for no reason.

i need to spend less time on the computer, because it’s hurting my eyes, and i don’t need my eyes to get any worse, if we’re being real.

yeah. so i — sorry? i’m going to be limited primarily to my phone for a bit because my eyes hurt.


The Avengers coming under some chemical attack which doesn’t effect Bruce because of the gamma radiation, but de-ages the rest of the team. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner having to take care of the child versions of his team. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner taking little Thor to the park to play off his extra energy, then playing chess and other strategy games when he calms down. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner talking to little Natasha in Russian to calm her down and letting her give him a make over when she finally warms up to him. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner taking care of all of little Steve’s pre-serum problems and then taking him to the MOMA and getting him crayons and coloring books on the way home. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner taking little Clint to the playground and letting him climb to his heart’s content and then patching him up after he falls and teaches him magic tricks to stop him from crying. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner taking little Tony down into the labs and workshop and doing science experiment after science experiment to keep him entertained and praising him on his work when he builds small robots to play with Dum-E and U. (◡‿◡✿)

Bruce Banner being terrified that he would be a horrible father, that he would end up being like his own father, but turning out to be a better parent any of the Avengers ever had. (╯◕‿◕)╯☆. :*゚

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                          tony stark built this in a cave!
                                          with a box of scraps!


                  ✖ — independent tony stark roleplay blog.
                  ✖ — plays movieverse only. no comic influence.
                  ✖ — over six years of roleplay experience.
                  ✖ — uses icons more than anything.
                  ✖ — multi ship & verse. pan-fandom.

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Science Bros - Avengers Assemble 10



"Got any clue where I am? Bit lost, if ‘m bein’ honest.."

       ”I was hoping you could tell me.

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Wonderful. What kind of cats are we dealing with here?


Many breeds of felines coming from everywhere — Brazil, South Africa, Uganda —

— and, strangely, mostly tigers.

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Maybe one day you will be.

[ she almost says he should have loved it, but then he doesn’t feel love anymore, so she stays silent. sigyn tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, her braid coming loose. ]

You don’t have to read them if you don’t want to. I only thought it would be something to do.

I doubt it.

[ bruce shrugs and reaches for a book. sigyn’s right — she didn’t say it, explicitly, but he’s bored. the books should at least provide some mental stimulation. being used as a weapon of mass destruction and nothing but has its own drawbacks, it seems. ]

I — you’re too kind.

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       ❝i love you.
           where is it?❞


       upstairs. c’mon —

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yeah, i just — the marvel fandom is generally ridiculously short sighted. it’s tiring.

my dad is tiring, school is tiring, everything i love to do is tiring. all i do is sleep.

i promised activity but i don’t know if i can keep the promise. bonne nuit, mes chéris.

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hey, guys. before we start yelling about how marvel doesn’t plan on another hulk movie and how horrible this is let’s consider the following facts:

what can marvel deduce from this?

the fans don’t want another hulk movie. why would they put the money and time and effort into something that’s not going to generate the revenue? where’s the point in that?

what is instead going to happen is that they’re going to make the bruce banner fans clamor for a movie before they even propose something like it happening. they need the fans to tell them how much they want it. and right now? it’s only the die-hard bruce banner fans that actually want a decent mcu adaptation that care.

stephen strange and natasha romanoff and carol danvers and sam wilson and clint barton and jessica drew and t’challa and nick fury are characters ( out of a very large list, if we’re being real here. ) that deserve a movie, they deserve an origin or a story before bruce gets another one.